Feasibility Studies

At the outset of any property development or construction project, it is important to establish an understanding of costs, as this can shape the initial direction of the project and help to decide if it should proceed.

At Newton Fisher, our project feasibility studies provide you with a detailed analysis of the costs and benefits associated with your proposed property development project. This includes a thorough assessment of all aspects of the project, such as existing site conditions, potential project risks, location factors, materials, labour, equipment and other relevant factors so you have a clear picture of how well your project stacks up.

Why is a quantity surveyor feasibility study needed for property developments?

One of the key benefits of our property development feasibility studies is that they greatly improve decision-making and planning. By providing you with detailed and accurate cost estimates, you can make informed decisions about the viability of your project and adjust your plans accordingly.

How do feasibility studies improve development project outcomes?

A project feasibility study by an experienced quantity surveyor is your ultimate ‘reality check’, helping to identify potential risks and challenges associated with your construction project so you can address these early in the planning process.

The insights the feasibility study provides also helps you to reduce the risk of delays or complications later on in the development process, when it could be extremely costly.

Why use Newton Fisher quantity surveyors for your project feasibility study?

We understand that there’s a lot riding on project decisions.  If you are after a feasibility study that leaves no stone unturned, Newton Fisher can help.  As leading quantity surveyors, we have the expertise to examine the key cost elements of a development project in ways many others don’t, including pointing out opportunities that could improve project viability and success.

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