Cost Planning

Cost planning helps developers and project design teams during the development process, providing project cost outlines, cost parameters and information that helps them to understand the full picture in terms of project budget cost implications.  Construction cost planning is also a valuable tool for helping keep project costs on track and during the design development and tendering process.

With any construction project, there is a lot at stake, so you want to make sure cost planning is being carried out by quantity surveyors that understand the implications of cost planning inside and out.  Here at Newton Fisher, we have had years of cost planning experience, and have successfully helped our clients navigate and manage project costs within the budget.

Why is cost planning by a quantity surveyor so important?

Construction projects are complex, and with so many elements and factors to consider, cost planning by a professional quantity surveyor is essential to ensure there is a marrying of project design objectives and available funding, helping prevent foreseeable project budget blow outs and overruns.

What is the biggest benefit of cost planning for construction projects?

Huge investments go into construction projects.  A well-prepared cost plan by a quantity surveyor puts developers and design teams in a powerful and more confident position to make informed decisions around project design and gives them the facts needed to steer any required adjustments.

What is involved in the cost planning process?

At Newton Fisher, our cost planning service involves a thorough analysis of the project scope and requirements, as well as a detailed assessment based on project resources and materials. We work closely with your design team to ensure all aspects of the project are taken into account, including materials, labour, equipment and other relevant factors.

Why choose Newton Fisher as your cost plan quantity surveyor?

When it comes to cost planning, shortcuts are costly. By partnering with Newton Fisher you know your cost planning is in sound hands, with a team of experienced quantity surveyors that will provide you with thorough and accurate cost planning information and advice.

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