Building Information Modelling

Building information modelling (BIM) provides accurate quantity measurement and updating of project budgets and estimates as they evolve, making it easier to manage costs and make informed decisions.

Our building information modelling service is a cutting-edge offering that provides you with a highly accurate and efficient way to manage costs throughout the construction process.  We use industry-leading software to produce and analyse 3D/BIM models for measurement and cost estimating purposes.

Why use building information modelling?

By using 3D/BIM models, all aspects of the construction process can be taken into account, including the quantity and type of materials needed, labour costs, and other relevant factors.  This ensures cost estimates are highly accurate and that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved in your project.

What are the benefits of engaging a BIM modelling company?

BIM modelling also helps to identify potential conflicts or issues before construction begins, making it easier to address these before they become more costly or time-consuming. This helps to ensure that the construction process is as efficient as possible, reducing the likelihood of delays or other complications.

Why choose Newton Fisher for BIM services?

When it comes to building information modelling, you need highly trained experts that can undertake the modelling with precision.  With Newton Fisher, you are in great hands as we have both the technology and the expertise to deliver highly accurate cost modelling.

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