Bank Reporting

Bank reporting is an essential part of any development project, providing developers and lenders with up to date and accurate information required to make informed decisions.

Having provided Bank Reporting services to all major financiers, Newton Fisher provides tailored project audit services and risk management advice on projects of varying scale, ranging from $1m single dwellings to multi-million-dollar and large-scale developments.

Here at Newton Fisher, our bank reporting services go much further. Our services are ever evolving, adhering to and up to date with current bank reporting/industry requirements.

Our dedicated team supported by our unique bank reporting software not only helps to identify potential risks, they provide expert advice on how to manage and mitigate them so clients can safely navigate the often complex world of property development. This can include everything from assessing the viability of proposed projects to providing ongoing support and advice for specific challenges that arise during the development process.

Why do banks need a quantity surveying report?

Successful funding of projects is a crucial part of any property development process.  Newton Fisher assists financial institutions and lenders to assess cost and risk information they require to make informed decisions prior and during the delivery of a project.

How does quantity surveyor bank reporting help residential and commercial project developers?

Not only is the information vital for banks and financial institutions to have confidence in lending decisions, it assists developers to keep their projects on track in terms of time, quality, costs and to identify any project issues early on.

Are quantity surveyors required at other times of the construction process?

Funds are generally not all released at once so banks require a quantity surveyor report at the initial assessment stage and at other times of the project to demonstrate the project is progressing as it should as well as meeting financier obligations so further funds are released.

Why choose Newton Fisher group for bank reporting?

As a consultant Quantity Surveyor on the panel of ALL the major banks, we are trusted to provide accurate and comprehensive project audit services and risk management advice.

Regardless of the size of the project, with Newton Fisher you are assured your bank reporting is being prepared by qualified quantity surveying personnel and will always be overseen and managed by our most senior personnel.  Above all, at Newton Fisher we care about the success of your development so offer tailored services and expert advice to suit your individual needs and stage of project, big or small.

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