Bellingara Road

Location: Miranda
Bank Monitoring
Cost Planning
Progress Reporting
Tender Assessment
Value: $3m+
Client: Romeciti
Financier: CBA
Architect: Couvaras Architects
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Construction of six dwellings consisting of four x 2 storey townhouses and two x 2-storey villas.


Some challenges incurred were inclement weather conditions and delays in material lead times.


The existing practical completion deadline for the project is set for December2023. Newton Fisher Group has played a crucial role in meticulously evaluating the project’s construction risk and providing comprehensive reports to the project’s financier. Newton Fisher’s contributions have consistently upheld a standard of excellence throughout all stages of the project’s life cycle. Our services have been exemplified by our commitment to excellence, commencing from initial feasibility cost planning and extending to the assessment of project tenders, all orchestrated with the aim of delivering quality results for our clients.